The end.

There is a part of me that wasn’t quite sure I`d ever get here at the end of Kay and P. To be honest, I started making this comic on a lark way back in 2009 because I just really liked the characters. I posted a few pages at a time on an art site, then started posting more frequently when people asked for a regular update schedule. I started making printed books, going to shows – and then meeting people who actually had read my comic over on the internet and came to see me in person. It was (and still is) a humbling and amazing feeling.

I’d be lying to say it never became tiring to keep the comic going on this long – but whenever I would get a nice comment or a new person binging the hundreds (!!!) of pages of backlog it was a little boost. It probably also helps that I am incredibly stubborn and wanted to see the story come to a proper close. It feels good to be here, to make it to the end – I finished the story on my terms. I’ve gotten so many lovely comments telling me how much they liked the story, who their favorite characters are, how long they’ve been reading… it’s truly an honor to have made something that has a reader base that has consistently been engaged and so nice to interact with. Thank you for reading, for commenting, for sharing – for being part of this big hunk of art I’ve made for a decade.

What happens next? While Kay and P has come to a close, I’ll be running the Kickstarter for the last printed volumes in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned for that. I’m working on a bunch of projects coming out in the next months, and also working on a couple book pitches! (If you’re a publisher reading this right now, well do feel free to contact me!)

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Once again – thank you so, so much. This certainly isn’t the end of me making things for you to enjoy, so please keep in touch. It’s been a wild trip – let’s see where we can get off to next.


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