HI THERE. You may notice that today’s comic is up a day early. This is because I wanted to have a moment to remind you to vote if you are a US citizen. PLEASE. I’m literally begging you. People’s lives are on the line. I know that voting for Biden isn’t a ticket to fix everything – it’s just the first small step on the road to actually addressing issues here in the United States – but it’s not a literal dictator. Maybe you think I should be more neutral and say, “Just vote! I don’t care who it’s for!” But I do. Please vote as if you life depends on it because mine does. My friend’s lives do. Please.

You can find your polling place here.

If you need a ride, check out these resources.

If you already voted and you want to continue your good work because waiting for results is trauma-filled anxiety time, may I direct your attention to:

The situation in Nigeria is ongoing, and theĀ Invest in Black Trans Futures in Nigeria GoFundMe aims to help trans and gender diverse folks in the area navigate the heightened sense of homophobia and transphobia. You can donate to their GoFundMe here!

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