HNNNNNG I HATE MAKING DECISIONS. — Just as a heads up, I’m moving next week! I’ll be posting two pages this week but probably none the following – we’ll see! Thank you all for being so patient; my moving schedule and a big client project ended up being slammed together in the same time period most unexpectedly, and it’s making things a lot more difficult than I planned. Hope you’re still enjoying the conclusion of Kay and P and it’s not too marred by the staggered updates. Thank you so much!


As yet another tragedy is marked in Minnesota, we must ask how police will be held accountable – and direct our attention to making sure that’s possible. I have a ton of points of action for us this week, first of all being the GoFundMe for Daunte Wright’s family. Then, following the advice of this Bustle article, you can contact the Minnesota Governor to demand inquiry; and to educate yourself at the resources in the article.


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