Looks like Kay, P and company are headed to the beach! That seems… really nice right about now! It’s pretty cold and dreary today here.

I’m going to get personal and talk about world events below, so if that’s a little much for you right now and you’d like to check out here – I understand. Thank you so much for reading and enjoying the comic, and I’ll see you next week. <3

So yeah, things are a little wild at the moment. If anyone was concerned, I’m okay for now. I work three jobs: this, freelance work and teaching. The teaching is looking a little rocky at the moment in both the short and long term, so we’ll see how that goes. Freelance work has mercifully not been canceled because I work with some excellent and really awesome people! If you’re curious what I’m up to, it’s working on some comics for Dark Fire Press making a Chadhiyana issue (I already did a short, 8-page bit that will be published shortly) and a follow up book to The Hidden Halls of Hazakor with Scott Fitzgerald Gray that will (fingers crossed) be out this year.

I will keep making Kay and P as long as I can until it is finished (which I planned to be this year, believe it or not), but I think I’ll be postponing the Kickstarter for book 5 until I know what is going on with conventions. I don’t know how accessible the post office is going to be in the long term, and I can’t afford to buy a ton of books if I can’t move them in shows and retail stores. I might put together the PDF and sell it on some place like Gumroad in the meantime. What would you think about that?

Anyhow – thank you so much for reading Kay and P and any support that you give from leaving nice comments, to sharing with a friend to financial support. I know times might be tight for plenty of folks out there, so if you can’t make a donation to the comic I understand fully. Just know that I think you’re lovely just for checking in each week and reading the page!  If you can afford and would like to support my comics, my work, myself and my cats, please feel free to check my Ko-fi (for one time tips) and Patreon (for montly support) below.

Please stay safe, stay well and wash your hands my lovelies. <3

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