I’m not saying the man is unobservant…. I’m just saying he’s uh…. lax….

On other Jax news: I’m working on the sequel book to the Hidden Halls of Hazakor! The Mystery at Millwarren is a follow up adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 5e that focuses on new or younger Dungeon Masters with a cool and spooky setting! ¬†Scott Fitzgerald Gray is back to write the tale and I am back to illustrate it. I am super proud of The Hidden Halls of Hazakor and just as excited about this one. If this sounds up your alley, please check out the Kickstarter and support the project if you’d like! As always, shares/reblogs/posts about it super help. Thanks so much!

(I also have a second, still a little secret project I’m working on too! More on that later tho.)

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