Silence is Compliance. Please take some time to educate yourself, stand up, call your reps and donate if you can. There is an absolute ton of info out there, but I’ll include some of it down below. This is an unprecedented moment in time where we all need to stand up and fight for the rights of black folks in this country. There is something you can do no matter who you are – I know the pandemic is going on and a lot of people don’t feel safe being in public spaces or cannot for health reasons. There are bucket loads of things you can do to help that don’t include marching. As a white person, it is even more critical that I do something – I have been doing my best to spread useful information, attend protests and donate to a few funds. Please educate yourselves about these ways and participate however you can. #blacklivesmatter

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

Homeless Black Trans Women Fund

National Bail Fund Network

Google Doc of Other Reputable Orgs to Donate To